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Managing The Keys To Successful Sale


  • Evaluate the needs and wants of the buyer customer and locate suitable properties meeting those needs 
  • Assist buyers in determining what they can afford (pre-qualify)
  • Preview properties to make sure it fits buyers needs and  then show properties within the appropriate price range
  • Research the property(ies) of interest to the buyer v erifying the properties’ condition to indentify as much as possible any problems or issues before an offer is made.
  • Verify property taxes, utilities and comparable properties sold in the immediate area.
  • Advising clients on the structuring an offer including price, terms & contingencies.
  • Presenting the offer to the sellers’ representative
  • Negotiating the most favorable contract terms for the buyer which helps keep emotions out of the negotiation process.
  • Provide buyers, if necessary, with a list of qualified vendors (property inspectors, attorneys, lendors, movers, etc)
  • Negotiate any additional credits if necessary after completion of the inspection
  • Assisting in securing the necessary financing for the property
  • In other words, fully represent and be the advocate for the buyer throughout the entire real estate process.

***** A C O L D **** A Buyers Rep has a legal fiduciary duties to a client of :

  • Accountability to ones clients to perform Due Diligence in researching information about a property
  • Confidentiality about any information disclosed to the buyer rep by the buyer & cannot be disclosed without the buyers consent
  • Obedience to a clients legal instructions
  • Loyalty to ones clients
  • Disclosure of all material facts