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Managing The Keys To Successful Sale
Moving Tips and Resources

Moving from one house to another can be a challenge but does not have to be stressful. Here is a helpful checklist to help minimize the stress and strain.

Moving Checklist

6 Weeks Before
If you are having a moving sale, plan the date, time, etc.
Start a receipt envelope for all your moving expenses. If necessary, at tax time you will have a record of moving deductions.
Gather auto licensing and registration documents, school records, birth certificates, wills, deeds, stock and other financial documentation, etc.
Obtain your medical and dental records and ask your physicians for referrals.
Arrange for school transcripts to be sent to the new school.
Have W-2's and other tax forms forwarded.
Send your change of address card to the Post Office.
There is also a form via the Internet. The address is: www.usps.com/moversnet/coa.html
Fill out the form, print and mail to the post office.
Obtain estimates, in writing, from truck rental companies or moving companies and determine your town's parking rules (for the movers).
Begin the off-site storage process (if applicable).
5 Weeks Before
Obtain items necessary for packing: boxes, packing materials, heavy-duty tape, scissors, felt markers.
If you are having a moving sale, begin cleaning and pricing items.
Ask your insurance agent to make sure your possessions are covered during the move to your new home.
Transfer or obtain insurance for your new home.
4 Weeks Before
Start Packing.
Register children in their new school.
If you're having a sale, continue cleaning and pricing items. Place your ad.
Make sure your change of address cards are in the mail (see checklist).
Contact gas, electric, oil, water, telephone, cable TV, newspaper and trash collection companies for service disconnect/connect at your old and new addresses. Also, ask for final readings.
Check your service contracts for your furnace, exterminator, gardener, etc.
Check your warranties for your appliances, roof, etc. These usually can be transferred at no charge.
Be sure your American Home Shield is in place.
3 Weeks Before
Hold your moving sale.
Select a new bank if you are moving out of the area.
Take pets to the veterinarian and get copies of their records.
Reduce the stress of moving on you pet, log on to www.usps.com/moversnet/pets2.html for some suggestions from the experts.
2 Weeks Before
Review your Coldwell Banker Home Loans Five Step Process to ensure a smooth and easy closing.
Have your car serviced.
Make arrangements with your neighbors or a charitable organization for your perishable foods and houseplants.
For cold weather moves, winterize your property such as swimming pools and sprinkler systems.
Return Library books.
1 Week Before
Get a bank or certified check for the mover.
Close your checking and savings accounts. Have funds transferred to your new bank.
Close your safety deposit box.
Pick up dry cleaning.
Finish packing, leaving only the absolute necessities to be packed on moving day.
Give mover specific directions to your new home and prepare a sketch of your new floor plan to help your movers place the boxes and furniture in the right rooms.
Check your prescriptions to make sure you have enough to get you though your move.
Return leased items such as cable boxes.
Return EZ Pass (if applicable).
Moving Day
Get trash and recycling pick-up schedule for new home.
Go through closets, basement, garage, etc., to make sure nothing is left behind.
Don't leave home until the moving truck is completely loaded and on its way.
Record all utility meter readings (gas, electric, and water).
Leave house keys, and garage door opener, with your real estate sales associate or the new owners.