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Armonk is a census-designated place (CDP) located in the town of North Castle in Westchester County, New York. As of the 2000 census, the CDP population was 3,461. North White Plains is another CDP located within the Town of North Castle.

History: During the Revolutionary War, New and North Castle were officially considered neutral territory. However, the area was strongly patriotic. One significant Revolutionary War conflict did occur in North Castle - The Battle of White Plains. This battle of October 28, 1776 was a series of short skirmishes between General Washington's small American army and General William Howe's much larger British & Hessian force. Although the British eventually won the confrontation, forcing Washington's troops to retreat, Howe never followed up this advantage by pursuing and capturing the American army. Thus, the battle served as a delaying action that allowed Washington's troops to withdraw to safety in New Jersey. As a result, many historians feel that the battle marked an important turning point in the war. One other important Revolutionary War event occurred in the North Castle area involving the infamous British spy, Major John Andre. In December 1780, Major Andre was captured in Tarrytown by American soldiers. Upon searching Andre they found concealed documents from American General Benedict Arnold that contained secret plans of West Point. Upon his arrest, Andre was first held in Thomas Wright's Mills (later known as Sands' Mills) at Mile Square. A month later Andre was hanged for treason.

The Elijah Miller house in North White Plains was several times the headquarters of General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. A few miles to the west (in present-day Mount Kisco) St. George's Church (or North Castle Church) served as a camp and hospital. A young Frenchman's diary dated July 6, 1781, reported of the area:

This whole country gives evidence of the horrors of war... All the Whigs here have abandoned their houses. Among them are some very handsome ones, deserted, half destroyed, or burned, with untended orchards and gardens filled with fruits and vegetables and driveways overgrown with grass two feet high... One of the early taverns and site of town meetings, colonial militia headquarters, post office, and stagecoach stop -- Smith's Tavern - has been restored by The North Castle Historical Society at 440 Bedford Road, Armonk.

Incorporated as the Town of North Castle on March 7, 1788 when the New York State passed an act for dividing the counties of the state into towns:

And that all that part of the said county of Westchester, bounded southerly by Mount Pleasant, the White Plains, the town of Harrison and Connecticut, easterly by Connecticut, Pound Ridge and Bedford, northerly by the Manor of Cortlandt and Bedford, and westerly by Bronx river and Mount Pleasant, shall be and hereby is erected into a town by the name of North Castle. North Castle's name is said to derive from a barrier built by the Mohican people to protect themselves from enemy attacks which stood on the hillside now occupied by the international headquarters of IBM Corporation. They called the site "North Fort" and European settlers later gave it the more elegant name of North Castle. The name Armonk is derived from another Mohican word, 'Cohamoog', which means 'the wide, flat place where the water runs'.

Government:  A five member Town Board, made up of the Supervisor and four Councilmen elected at large, is the governing body of the Town and is responsible for the “health, safety and welfare” of its residents.  The Supervisor’s term is two years; the Councilmen serve four year terms.

The Supervisor is the Chief Fiscal Officer and the Chief Executive Officer of the Town.  A Deputy Supervisor is appointed to assist with the duties of the Supervisor in her absence.

The Town Board is a legislative body responsible for setting policy, adopting the annual budget, approving contracts and expenditures, and enacting laws and resolutions for the betterment of the Town’s residents.

Post Office:  The hamlets of Armonk and North White Plains though each have its own Post Office and zip code.

Schools: The school district for most of the Town of North Castle is the   Byram Hills School District . Residents in the hamlet of North White Plains attend the Valhalla Union Free School District. 

Business: Armonk is home to the world corporate headquarters of IBM and Swiss RE, a global reinsurance company. Armonk also has its own   Chamber of Commerce.  

Famous Armonk residents:

  • Peter Gallagher, who played on show The O.C. and Covert Affairs
  • Eddie Cahill, who plays on CSI NY,
  • Sean Maher of "Firefly" and "Serenity",
  • Bryce Dallas Howard film star
  • Laura Branigan  singer,
  • David Harbour. actor
  • Dave Barry,  Pulitzer Prize-winning humor columnist,
  • David Boies, attorney who represented Al Gore in the litigation concerning the Year 2000 Presidential Election, maintains his firm's headquarters in Armonk, and lives in Armonk,
  • Mike Mussina, former New York Yankees player, resided in Armonk when with the team
  • Bernie Williams former New York Yankees resides in Armonk
  • Joe Girardi and Jeff Nelson of New York Yankees reside in Armonk as well.


                                                                                                            Where is North Castle

North Castle is located in central eastern Westchester County bordered by Greenwich CT on the west, on the north by Bedford, Mount Kisco and Pound Ridge, the west by New Castle and Mount Pleasant and on the south by White Plains and Harrison.