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Managing The Keys To Successful Sale
Staging Bedrooms to Sell
By Joseph White
Photo: © Chris Rodenberg / Dreamstime

The key to selling a home is getting the buyer's attention, and persuading them to think, "This is a home I would love to live in!" The feeling you get when you see a beautiful home on television or in a magazine—that's the feeling you want to inspire in your prospective buyers.

Depersonalize - Since the bedroom is possibly the most personal space in your home, it can be an uncomfortable place for prospective buyers to visit. They may feel like they are invading the homeowner’s private space. When you're selling a home, depersonalizing the bedrooms will help to neutralize any negative feelings that the buyers may get from invading a private room. Also, since bedrooms are a personal area, it's not unusual for them to become somewhat worn—a dent where the door handle hits the wall, plaster cracks above the closet, discolored carpet where someone spilled a cup of coffee. Rearranging and deep cleaning your bedroom is an important part of selling your home.
Clean Everything - First, arrange the furniture in a way that makes the room feel more spacious. If you keep a desk in your bedroom, move it somewhere else. If that isn’t possible, make sure it is organized and spotless. Next, clean all surfaces, including mirrors, of any spots, dust, or fingerprints. Remove all clutter from the bedroom—that means all unnecessary items in the room, especially treasured knick-knacks. Patch all nail holes, hairline cracks, and doorknob dings. When you're done, get a picky friend to scrutinize the room to see if there are any problems that you may have overlooked.

Stay Neutral - Neutral colors are our friends, so stick to a neutral color scheme for your bedroom décor. If you've painted your room bright orange because it helps you wake up in the morning, you need to re-paint it. Don't be possessive about your bedroom—you want to sell it to someone else, right? The idea is to make the buyers feel comfortable and relaxed.

Light Is Important - So make certain your windows are sparkling clean and the windowsills and screens are free of spider webs and dead bugs. The natural light from a bedroom window isn’t usually enough to create that special ambience, so use a pair of neutral colored lamps to create soft, even lighting that flatters the bedroom.

These points will help you set yourself up for success in selling your home. Staging the bedroom properly can help your home stand out from the others and make it stick in the minds of potential buyers. Now get to it, and good luck selling your home.