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Control Household Clutter
By J. A. Young
Photo: © Heide Hibbard Reed / Dreamstime

Dealing with household clutter can be a constant task, but the need to organize everything from seasonal clothing to kitchen spices is vital for the overall running of the home. While some households appear to tackle clutter better than others, every homeowner can benefit from clutter busters that help keep this and that in their proper place around the house.

Buy Containers for Storage - The first step to dealing with clutter is not to buy a bigger house; instead, buy organizing features that will allow you to cope with your accumulation of stuff. Clear plastic totes in various sizes will allow you to see what’s stored inside and they can easily be stacked on basement or closet shelving. Store everything from photos, to shoes, to seasonal decorations, in these bins. Other simple organizing features might include space bags, closet organizers, and matching basketry for storing various items.

Buy Dual Purpose Furniture - When furniture shopping for more general needs like coffee tables and children’s beds, buyers might consider purchasing pieces that provide additional function. For example, a large square coffee table might double as a storage receptacle for audiovisual materials, board games, or photo albums.
Some beds come with drawers built into their bottoms for additional storage. Adequate storage receptacles are the key way to deal with a clutter accumulation.

Keep Items Together - Another good tip to eliminate the appearance of clutter is to keep similar items together. By storing items such as books, baking ware, dishes, glassware, or toiletries in their own specific locations, the appearance is apt to look neater and more suited to function. Try to store any extra items away in order to keep organized those items—such as silverware—that are needed on a daily basis.

Keep a Cleaning Schedule - Instating a cleaning routine can help maintain good household organization and keep the home from looking cluttered. When setting aside time for chores like vacuuming and dusting, try to put aside time just for replacing those items that have been left out. By performing this task often, there will be fewer messes of clutter to deal with.

Have Everyone Help Out - Finally, and some might say most importantly, enlist the help of other household members to maintain a clutter-free atmosphere. When family members take responsibility for their personal space, it is much easier to maintain an organized home. The art of good organization requires much practice, but even the youngest family members can benefit from its lessons. When items are stored in their proper place, a clutter-free home is guaranteed